Johnny B. Good - Back to the future

Some students enjoyed this part of the movie... so... as promised... Here you are!  Have a dance!

And just in case you want some more of the story... check  this out!

Comparatives and superlatives reminder!

We can use comparatives and superlatives to compare things and to say which thing is top in a group.

* One syllable: tall – taller than – the tallest

* Two syllables with ‘y’: easy – easier than – the easiest

* Two or more syllables: interesting – more interesting – the most interesting

Be careful! 
good - better than - the best
bad - worse than - the worst
Far - Further than - the furthest

Simple Past

First we should start with the past simple form of verb to be...

You can copy the grammar on your notebook, do the exercices and hand it in as a "I feel like working" exercice in exchange of a positive

If you want to start making sentences in past you'll need to know the irregular verbs... so there you go!  Play the videos and study them... once you know them... It'll become easy to build in any verb tense. AHH! if you don't understand the meaning... find it!

Now you are ready for the simple past of any other verb