Our English classes exemplar the usage of role playing and a priority on interpersonal relations within the classroom.  For example, following the set lessons from the school books is prioritized less for lessons organized prior by the teacher suitable for English at a suitable level.

With the 3rd and 4th graders it is common to use the mystery box as a tool for the learning of English.  Magic gadgets, tales, weird objects… they all help us induce speaking situations.
Kids enjoy the time to relax and improve their understanding and speaking  in this Mystery box routine.

We also try to spent some time playing on our "handmade" Crazy Race Game (similar to snakes and ladders but adapted for learning English) or outside on the basketball court where space allows for teaching verbs and actions or other needed vocabulary.

Soon we will have a  “I feel like working” corner where students will be able, at any time, to take and do any of the activities in paper proposed as a voluntary homework. Surprisingly, this corner will probably work despite its voluntary nature... (I have some experience on this) ;)

With the 5th and 6th graders we are using our school notebooks prepared with specific resources to work on their listening and speaking.  Some of those resources can be found on the Study&Work area in this same Blog. 

The handmade game "Crazy Phrasal" has proven very efficientin improving skills in the construction of sentences and helped consolidate the knowledgeof our students. At least once a week we are focusing on the basic and fundamental aspects of grammar, so far we have divided our sessions of work into:

1 Accuracy work.  Books, explanations of examples found in the other two sessions and grammar exercises.
2 Vocabulary (Working on our vocabulary notebook; a notebook made for “fishing” words, expressions and sentences) In this session we take our time to ponder the the linguistic differences when translating, with the main goal to avoid translating.
3 Fluency work We watch videos, do role playing, play games, basically an excuse to have fun and learn!

From now on we have a large "Penglish City" mural full of panels, billboards and empty singboards that we'll fill with what we think could be useful ... Grammar explanations, vocabulary, useful sentences, ... We hope that at the end of the year it will show some of the important work we are doing.

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